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Classic Hollywood MTC Podcasts

Jan 30, 2019

Tab Hunter was an unassuming, gentle and simple young man, whose stunning good looks and hard earned acting skills, bagged him Hollywood film stardom and a remarkable recording career, which enabled him to make some the best remembered films and music of the 1950's. 

Part of a generation of young movies stars, whose film careers, signalled the end of the Hollywood Studio system, in order to sustain his success and live as peaceful a life as fame allowed, Tab, along with several other young movie stars of his day, was forced to live a double life, in an era where movie stars were often expected to meet impossible expectations by their fans and society at large.

Have a listen to the latest CHMTC episode about the life and career of the recently departed, teenage heartthrob and movie star, Tab Hunter, who despite the risks he incurred, as a result of his personal life, managed to achieve something that most movie actors can only dream of, a long life of solvency and happiness.