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Classic Hollywood MTC Podcasts

Sep 9, 2018

Many film stars tell us that they are just ordinary people, who don't care about money, fame or possessions, but yet they go on living in their many luxury homes, riding in their fancy cars and accumulating tonnes of money, in their search for more and more acclaim and the rewards that go with it. 

Sterling Hayden, was a Hollywood movie star, who spoke his mind. He  really liked being ordinary and really disliked being a Hollywood movie star. At first, troubled by his Hollywood fame, it eventually became a means to an end, the end being to service his real loves, sailing ships, his family and belatedly writing about real-life. 

Listen and enjoy the latest CHMTC episode about a talented,unconventional and very complicated movie star, who often confounded his studio bosses, his family and himself, in his ever constant search for an uninterrupted life at sea