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Classic Hollywood MTC Podcasts

Sep 9, 2016

Sammy Davis Junior was one of the greatest light entertainers America ever produced.

Singer, dancer, actor and impersonator he could do anything that the entertainment world could throw at him to the highest standard. 

During a show business career of 60 years he experienced unimaginable success on the  night club circuits of New York and La Vegas, having done the rounds of Vaudeville during his early years. 

He made many notable Film, TV and Broadway appearances, reaching the peek of his fame as a member of the powerful Rat Pack led by one of his best friends Frank Sinatra.  

But he was a scarred man, who throughout his life was deeply affected on a physical and emotional level by racial segregation and several high profile rejections. Although this fuelled his need for success it also fuelled his many weaknesses and excesses, which ultimately led to the decimation of his estate.    

Enjoy this new episode of Classic Hollywood MTC on the rise and fall of the late, great Sammy Davis Junior and all who sailed with him.