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Classic Hollywood MTC Podcasts

Jul 4, 2017

David Niven was the son of an upper class hero, with English and Scottish military heritage that stretched back to the Battle of Waterloo.

Handsome, charming and witty he also had a strong touch of rebelliousness  and ambition which would help and hinder his  life and career in equal measure.  

One of the first of the British Hollywood movie stars to leave the safe haven of America at the start of World War II to fight for his country, Niven's life was littered with good fortune, fun and tragedy.  

Forever sexually adventurous he was well liked and oved by colleagues, friends, his children and the many lovers in his life. But his marriages proved to be a mixed blessing.

Enjoy the telling by Mrs Classic Film Fan of the life and career of the late, great, and quintessentially English movie star David Niven, in this the 11th podcast episode and second of the CHMTC series the British Are Coming.    

The music is called the 'British Grenadiers'. Articles and other source material from which information on this podcast episode is based will be placed on the Classic Hollywood MTC Facebook page  over the next few days.