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Classic Hollywood MTC Podcasts

Jul 23, 2016

In the 1950's Jeff Chandler was one of the biggest film stars created by Universal Studios.

His good looks, tanned complexion, melodic voice and silver hair made him the perfect hero for a wide variety of Universal adventure movies, including one of his most famous parts the Native American chief Cochise in Broken Arrow, a film which captured the heart of America. 

A civil rights advocate, supporter of the state of Israel and ladies man, despite his active career and success Jeff is one of the least remembered of Universal's stars. Yet his life and career was as dramatic, successful and crammed full of incident as his movies.

This second episode of Classic Hollywood MTC by Simone Higgins also known as Mrs Tom Cruise explains the life, career and posthumous reputation of the late great Jeff Chandler, a man who found it difficult to be dull.